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Compared with the traditional water meter, ic smart meter what are the advantages

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With the development of society, the demand for tap water has increased year by year. In response to the unified deployment of energy pricing plans by the NDRC, some water companies will operate the terminal water meters in a ladder pricing mode, Effective solution to the operation of water companies in the billing inconsistency exists, using good reputation ic smart meter technology can bring many new changes. ic card smart meter compared with the traditional water meter has the following advantages:

1, For the water sector, you can achieve the first payment of water and then water supply model. IC card with a step-counting function of smart meter, including the main steps of the pricing control module, IC card information exchange module, the clock chip and water flow measurement device, to achieve the first pay water then water mode, which is playing everyone generally recognized ic card An advantage of smart meters. This will help to solve the problem of late payment of water fees that is difficult to solve. For the water supply department, this change can not be underestimated. As water resources become tense and water's commodity attributes are gradually recognized by society, the trading of water will gradually adopt the trading pattern of general commodities. Obviously, it is a more reasonable trade pattern to pay for water first.

2, Changed the mode of home operating fee table. By ic smart meter to replace the traditional Chinese meter reading mode in the sense of change is huge. Due to the continuous expansion of the urban area and the rapid increase in the number of households, the water consumption in the country has soared, undoubtedly aggravating the workload of meter reading and charging in the water supply sector. If, in all cities in China are using ic smart card meter extreme management system, will essentially reduce the workload of the water sector. Coupled with the reasonable provision of water supply agencies pay institutions, basically does not give users trouble. Users will also strongly support, if you get the cooperation of the national financial system, you can also reduce the cost of IC card smart meter layout.

3, Ic card smart meter is very simple to use, from the user's point of view, is the IC card card inserted into the water meter. ic card smart meter work process is as follows: IC card reader with the amount of IC card into the water meter, the computer module to identify and download the amount, the valve opens, the user can use water. When the user is using water, the water collection device starts to collect the water consumption and converts it into the required electronic signal for the computer module to measure and display on the LCD display module. When the user's amount of water dropped to a certain value, the computer module audible alarm, suggesting that users should go to the card to pay for water.

The best IC card smart meter end with the control side of the process of information exchange at the same time with the control side of the time synchronization, and thus the end of the table always consistent with the control side, to avoid the time deviation between the two, leading to pricing and price adjustment Not uniform; ic smart meter structure is simple, in the realization of the ladder pricing, but also to ensure that the time between the control end and the end of the table, and can be based on the existing smart meter improvements, a wide range of applications, which is a Social development trends must be given prominence. The use of ic card smart meter transaction settlement, will be able to effectively solve this will bring a lot of social problems.