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Regular water meter maintenance

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Generally after the long-term use of the smart meter, there will be some scale, and these ditches formed in the smart meter can easily lead to smart meter measurement error, and may even lead to transmission errors. Therefore, regular maintenance and selection of smart meters are crucial. Regular cleanup is a necessary maintenance step when using smart meters. When using them, care must be taken to ensure the cleanliness around the smart meter when using them. Avoid some acid-base substances on the smart meter corrosion, but also to ensure that during the moisture-proof, which will lead to intelligent meter damage caused by the error, and even led to the smart meter damage; above the smart meter can not Place things, because the long-term placement of things will result in damage to the smart meter, if found in the smart meter has a problem, found a bad state, do not open the smart meter seal, privately operated is likely to lead to intelligent water meter The permanent damage, so it will give users unnecessary losses. Smart meters in the transport process to ensure that it is placed when placed horizontally, after all, a smart meter is an instrument, not only to ensure that it can be used, but also to ensure that it can accurately measure and transmit data.