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IC Card Water Meter
  • RF card large diameter smart meter

RF card large diameter smart meter

Type:IC Card Water Meter

Introduction:Large diameter smart meter is used to measure the total amount of water flowing through the drinking water pipes of the instrument, can apply to the majority of water company\'s application needs. The product after years of my company\'s large table for the st...

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Large diameter smart meter is used to measure the total amount of water flowing through the drinking water pipes of the instrument, can apply to the majority of water company's application needs. The product after years of my company's large table for the study and the development of high-tech electronic products, the use of micro-computer as the core, the smart card as the transmission medium and a high-tech instrument, with micro-power, accurate measurement, beautiful appearance Features. Completely without manual meter reading, to provide a lot of protection of modern life, a water supply department and property management department important measurement management tools.

Module display content

 Unit: m.3 - Volume of water volume units; when the credit card is successful, show CC --- Finish.

 Cumulative: the cumulative amount, indicating how much water the user's water meter shared; remaining: the remaining amount, showing how many liters the user's meter is available for.

 On-off valve: shows the valve in the water meter is open or closed valve state.

Please recharge: the remaining amount of the user to set the card to set the alarm amount below, will display please recharge, remind the user to recharge the water.

Fault: When the valve is clogged, credit card error, it will show E XX fault.

Power failure: When it is detected that the battery voltage is lower than the minimum value set in the water meter, it is determined that the battery is lack of power and the battery needs to be replaced in time.

Interference: When the table detects a magnetic attack, the system will automatically close the valve, brush the user card can open the valve, when the interference reaches a certain number of times, it will display the interference symbol, and the valve shut down.

Year Month Day, Hour Minute Seconds: When the time is displayed in the table, the corresponding year, month, day, hour, minute, and second signs appear on the display.

Brush the user card, the last will be the new purchase of water, the last purchase of water.


 1, the user account: After the meter is installed in the user card is not brush when the valve has been opened, then use the meter overdraft water, when the user first to the table brush user card, indicating that the table has been opened, will automatically Deduct the amount of water used.
2, the user to buy water: the user will be purchased over the water user card into the RF sensor area, the module will display as shown in Figure 1, shows that "" is exchanging data, followed by the new purchase volume.

3, the reading method: Users usually want to see their own water usage, the user card into the water meter RF induction wake-up water meter, then the LCD screen shows you the latest cumulative amount of water, the remaining water, the amount of new water purchases parameter.
4, credit card error: If the user in the process of credit card swipe too fast or did not put the best position will display the wrong card characters and then display the total, the remaining new purchases. (When this happens, the user do not worry, will not cause any loss, please re-swipe the user can) as shown in Figure 2

5, off the valve alarm:
(1) The remaining water is not enough, when the remaining water is reduced to alarm water (alarm water set by the management department), it will automatically close the valve to remind users to buy water in time, then users can use their own user card to swipe the valve to continue Water. When the remaining water reduced to 0, you can brush the user card will open the valve into the overdraft state continue to use water (when management has set the amount of overdraft water), when the continued exhaustion of water after the valve automatically shut down, will not be able to use the user card Open, only the user to re-purchase water recharge before you can open the valve to continue to use water, and minus the amount of overdraft water has been used.
(2) battery power failure Tip: when the meter battery voltage is lower than the set value, there will be a power failure, the water meter valve will automatically shut down, this time can be opened by the user card to continue to use water, 48 hours, if not replace the battery, will be completely off Valve, the valve can only be opened after the replacement of the battery, the battery should be promptly notified to the management department to replace the battery when lack of power.
6, Fault Tip: When the valve fails (such as: due to the weather is cold, the valve icing) or for other reasons caused the valve failure, then the LCD screen displays a fault prompt, it should promptly to the management department Response to solve.
7, the user card: user card is lost, go to the management department to reissue a user card.

Outline description


Water meter connection size shown in Figure:                      Unit: mm

Nominal diameter     DNmm






Flange diameter      Dmm






Screw hole center diameter  Dmm






number of screw holes Z-Φd






Total length        Lmm






Installation instructions

1. Select the water meter should be used regularly to the flow of water flow close to or less than the common flow meter, pipe diameter can not simply determine the diameter of the meter.
2. The newly installed pipe should first clear the pipes of stones, sediment and other debris before installing the water meter to prevent water meter damage or failure. It is recommended to install the filter.
3. Water meter dial up horizontal installation, the direction of the arrow in the case should be consistent with the water flow direction of the pipe, the flow meter should be installed upstream or straight flow rectification straight pipe, straight pipe length is greater than 5 times the meter diameter.
4. Water meters should not be subjected to excessive stress caused by the pipe, when necessary, the meter should be installed on the base or bracket.
5. Water meter away from the vibration source, vibration will affect the meter accuracy.
6. Water meter should be anti-exposure and anti-icing protection measures.
7. In order to compensate for the errors in the installation of the water meter, it is easy to dismantle and assemble. The downstream of the water meter is recommended to install the expansion joint of the corresponding caliber.
8. In order to facilitate the maintenance of the meter, it is recommended in its upstream and downstream installation of the valve in place.
9. Water meter data concentrator should be installed indoors or rain frost sun protection position.
10. Meter users may not meter, hand-held water meter control part of the free disassembly, encounter problems with the relevant departments can contact.

Fault phenomena and troubleshooting

Bad card when swiping: Please swipe again.
When the display valve is closed: please re-swipe.
When the display "power shortage", please go to the management department to request replacement of batteries.
When the "Please recharge", please go to the management department to buy water.
Please notify management to see the reason when it shows "INTERFERENCE".


Measurement accuracy: 2 levels
  Pressure loss: <0.2MPa
Working voltage: 3.6V
  Valve opening and closing times:> 2000 times
Measured water temperature: 0 ~ 30 ℃
  Working pressure: 0.02 ~ 1.6MPa
Card Type: T5557 RF card

Nominal diameter


Commonly used traffic

Divide traffic

Minimum traffic




































The maximum allowable error of the water meter: ± 5% from the lower zone including the minimum flow rate Q1 to not including the demarcation flow rate Q2; and ± 2% including the demarcation flow rate Q2 to the upper zone including the overload flow rate Q4.

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