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After installing smart meters to double the cost of electricity?

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"Since the installation of smart meters in my home, electricity consumption has risen dramatically, electricity bills can double than before. Is not there a problem with smart meters installed at home?" Recently, some citizens told reporters that since the installation of smart meters, He clearly felt that the meter in his home was "running faster" than before, so he suspected there was "tricky" in it. In response, the reporter consulted the relevant information and consulted the responsible person of the State Grid Luoyang Power Supply Company to uncover the truth that the ammeter "runs fast".

Smart meter "run fast" smart meter is not a problem? In fact, this probability is very small, because the smart meter from the production to install into the customer's home, need to undergo a lot of tests: meter factory is responsible for one school, the second inspection and spot checks; quality supervision department in addition to the meter manufacturers have strict requirements, but also mandatory testing Each piece of smart meter, and sampling some smart meters before entering the home; technical supervision departments will implement "flying inspection", that is, without prior notice, directly in the assembly line or packaging sampling smart meter is qualified. So, the probability of a problem meter outflow, comparable lottery.

Since there is no problem with the smart meter, how can the electricity doubled than before? This phenomenon occurs, mostly in the old watch (mechanical watch) to replace the smart meter month. Because previously used mechanical watches are post-paid, for a smart meter, instead of pre-stored electricity. Therefore, the exchange of the month to both the monthly settlement of electricity bills, but also save the next month's electricity bill, people will mistakenly believe that electricity bill.

In addition, smart meters are more sensitive than mechanical watches, subtle changes in household electricity can be calculated. The original mechanical meter running for a long time, serious aging, will be less electricity, replace the smart meter to resume normal measurement, it will feel the smart meter "run fast." (Reporter Guo Ying