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Smart meter manufacturers explain the use of IC card water meter precautions

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In the smart meter manufacturers IC card water meter gradually spread all over households, how to IC card smart meter effective and convenient use of water meters gradually become users need to know things. Below, the intelligent water meter manufacturer for everyone to understand the IC card meter in the process of using what should pay attention to what matters.


1, at present, many cities pay the purchase of water is the use of existing bank outlets to complete. After receiving the IC card, the user can directly pay to the bank to purchase water. The smart water meter manufacturer reminds the user that during the operation of the card, in order to ensure the integrity of the data in the card, the user card and the IC card water meter should be used for data exchange Time is shortened.

2, IC card water meter installation process sometimes need a tool card on the site IC card water meter data to be modified, this operation should be different from the smart meter manufacturer in the production process to modify the IC card water meter data operations. Smart meter manufacturers recommend the design of a field data set card, this card using the operating key, which can be set flexibly setting parameters.

3, the smart meter manufacturers believe that when the purchase of water with an IC card into the smart meter, wait until the LCD screen readings can be completely correct when the card can be pulled out. Intelligent water meter manufacturers to remind users Note: In the card is not completed, do not pull out the IC card, otherwise IC card may be damaged, resulting in the purchase of water in the IC card is lost.

4, IC card smart meter after long-term use, will produce some scale. This smart meter in the water meter is easy to affect the correct measurement. Intelligent water meter manufacturers to remind users to regularly clean the IC card water meter is to maintain the necessary means of intelligent water meter.

Although the IC card water meter has been on the market for many years, there are many users never fully aware of the use of smart meters, smart meter manufacturers to provide the above tips to help you understand as much as possible the use of IC card water meter some of the details of the problem . So that the majority of users in the payment of water more convenient and efficient.