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Intelligent water meters in the use of the direction of development

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In 2001, the Ministry of Construction promulgated the industry standard CJ / T 133-2001 "IC Card Cold Water Meter" to mark the maturity and shape of the smart prepaid water meter technology. Some outstanding smart prepaid meter manufacturers and system integration companies appeared in China, The lack of water resources has forced both governments and water companies to speed up the implementation and implementation of the water price ladder. As the performance of smart prepaid water meters and the price drop are reduced, there will be a good development in China.

Intelligent meter with the development of science and technology, social progress, advanced technology, high precision, good stability of the remote meter and smart meter reading system will be the future development trend of charging measurement.

Trade settlement meter is the head office of the user settlement fees and the number of major instruments, its use is particularly important. Water meter selection should be "advanced technology, accurate measurement, stable performance, the ratio of price, more than the benefits" principle.

With the progress of science and technology, the development of new technology is getting faster and faster. The headquarter should apply the measuring instruments with advanced technology, good stability and high precision to the headquarter production and operation so as to improve the operation and management level of the head office. Therefore, The head office shall conscientiously introduce the introduction of new technologies and new products, conduct technical and economic analyzes of performance and benefits through trial and trial work, and provide a scientific basis for the selection of head office trade settlement meters.