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Why mechanical meter was eliminated?

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With the continuous development of science and technology, high-tech technology is increasingly being applied to our lives, the smart meter is one of them. Intelligent water meter with its own strong advantage gradually occupied the ordinary mechanical water meter in the market. So, ordinary mechanical water meters and intelligent water meters in the end there is much difference?

Ordinary mechanical water meter, which is commonly used before our home water meter. The basic principle is to use the pressure generated by the flow of tap water to drive the rotation of the gear inside the water meter, while the water meter shows the gear under the disc drives the rotation of the pointer to count, so as to achieve the purpose of measuring water consumption, because the price is very low, The role, so the use of a wide range.

However, most of the ordinary mechanical water meters are indoors. When the water management department wants to meter the users, it is difficult for the users to ensure that they are at home. Therefore, it will increase the number of non-meaningless workloads Running, because it is manual meter reading, but also very easy to charge less, more charges or even no fees and other phenomena, and if the water meter to the outdoors, management is relatively convenient a lot, but with the attendant problems also will follow.

First of all, because many water meters are made of copper, there are many unscrupulous businessmen who steal table sales at night. In winter, the temperature of the glass case is too high, causing a lot of water leakage and thus causing losses to the water company. There is a large mechanical wear and tear, it is easy not allowed or broken.