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New home IC card water meter how to choose?

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Water meter is an indispensable water metrology products today, with the progress of science and technology, an IC card water meter instead of the old mechanical water meter "light battle" to solve the door meter reading and charging water problems. Newly installed household IC card water meter has many types, so buyers have brought a certain degree of difficulty of purchase. However, to buy IC card water meter friends blindly choose the most, or look directly to the IC card water meter prices to choose what kind of expensive election, or direct election cheaper.

This is a very irresponsible way for our suppliers to provide products to their customers. The newly installed IC card water meter price does not determine everything, only one-sided decision on some models of reproduction costs have increased, but does not represent suitable for all users to use. We take the dry IC card water meter and wet IC card water meter as an example, these two types of IC card water meter price basically the same, but if the user blindly choose a random, do not ask whether it is suitable for their environment. Dry water meter suitable for the northern cold weather, wet water meter for the South water quality. If the northern region to choose wet IC card water meter, then in winter will result in water meter freezing occurs.