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Community ic card smart meter management system performance in what areas?

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In recent years with the rapid economic development, the popularity of home appliances, water heaters, resulting in increasing water expenses, hydraulic unit ushered in a smart assistant IC card smart meter. Community water management system is a huge management system, good reputation ic card smart meter is an important part of water management, can effectively alleviate the user to steal water, leaking, overloading water and so on. Community ic card smart meter management system advantages mainly from the following two aspects:


1, From the management point of view, ic smart meters have these brisk basic functions. Statistical functions, arrears function, the basic water and ultra-plan water management set function, a function of a card, make up card function, the traditional ordinary water meter need to send someone to pick up the meter on a regular basis to collect water charges, heavy workload, to the hydraulic company Water management brings a lot of inconvenience. Such as meter reading is not timely, distance meter reading, there is a copy of a meter to run a few kilometers, resulting in high costs; data is not returned in time, is not conducive to the hydraulic company's return of funds; manual meter reading need to wait for users at home or Is the need to knock on the door into the room, easy to disturb the user's life. Community ic card smart meter management system in line with today's major hydraulic companies on the reform of the water management needs of all, to achieve self-help water, water science fees, safety management and many other features.

2, From the perspective of protection and safety, ic smart meter timer valve opening and closing functions, anti-magnetic interference function, the card anti-attack protection, automatic power-down protection of data, power off automatically shut down the system features, anti-disassembly Features. Thus, ic card smart meter management system will be the inevitable trend of water company water management development. ic card smart meter prepaid program to meet the needs of water companies on water management reform, to solve the theft of water, leaking, difficult to charge, management chaos and many other issues. Users self-help purchase water, water science fees, scientific and scientific management.

With the continuous development of science and technology, ic smart meter will continue to develop and improve. For example, this mode of taking signals from an older water meter will be replaced by an advanced water flow signal extractor, mechanical and mechanical displays will be eliminated, and the watch and valve will be grouped together. In general, ic smart meter is an advanced measuring instruments, the large-scale promotion of such advanced instrumentation will effectively promote China's modernization of water supply management process. China's advanced development in this area will give priority to improve this measurement mode, excellent smart card IC card may be a competitive product in China exports to other countries.