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The working principle of intelligent water meter

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At present, smart meters made in China can be divided into two categories: prepaid meter and remote meter. The common feature is that the water flow meter still adopts the ordinary water meter. By installing the meter pointer or gear set in the water meter, Sense elements, the raw water meter mechanical readings into electrical signal data, and then collected, transmitted and stored, according to the requirements of settlement transactions automatically or manually control. Because of their base tables are speed meter, so in accordance with the principle of classification of water meters also belong to the speed of a water meter, but in the reading mode, indicating agencies and so improved, an increase of prepaid, remote reading Automatic meter reading system functions, and measurement agencies, transmission or mechanical, water meter accuracy (precision) level and ordinary mechanical water meters, are 2.0.

Intelligent meter to high-tech electronics, information transmission technology applied to the manufacture of water meters, to a considerable extent changed the traditional domestic meter reading settlement, improve the level of tap water metering in China, tap water metering fee is a technological progress; it Of the popularization and application of the "first buy water, after water" and centralized meter reading management, update the concept of payment of water users, reducing arrears of water, home meter reading and other phenomena, reducing the water supply department meter reading manpower, Material resources; early recovery of water charges, reducing post-operatives and improve the management efficiency and the Secretary for the operation and management level; and anti-theft performance is better than ordinary water meter, fully able to achieve "prepaid", "ladder" and "hoarding water "Features.